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Elephants and Ropes

Have you ever had a decision to make and found yourself torn between the options available? Often, when I get on this "Indecisive Interstate," I initially end up not choosing anything. Not making a choice is actually making a choice - to stand still and not move forward. People and opportunities will pass you by. Your ideas will remain permanent fixtures in your head, and will never become the solutions others need. The "Interstate" seems like the answer, but it only gets you nowhere fast. Are you familiar with the "Elephant and Rope" story? A man passed some elephants who were tied down by a small rope. Although much stronger than the rope, the elephants made no attempt to break away. The confused man asked the trainer and learned that when elephants are young and small in size, that small rope held them down. It continues to do so because the elephant grows up believing that the rope will always be able to hold them down. Is there a "rope" keeping you bound from achieving better health?

* financially as you remain tied to credit card debt

* occupationally as you get overlooked for promotions

* physically when losing a few pounds can result in increased mobility

* emotionally as you negatively respond to those who push your buttons

Are you the elephant with blinders on who can see no farther than the tiny rope? If so, perhaps that rope is connected to your fears. FEARS rearranged spells SAFER. Fears have a paralyzing effect because it feels safer to continue doing what you have been doing just because you have been doing it so long.

Today's the day to walk away from the bondage created by the rope. You have health territory to recapture. You CAN craft the healthy lifestyle that you desire and deserve. I'm here to help you with your FEARS ("Facing Elephant And Rope Syndrome") so you can achieve your goals!

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