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Point of Pain

Updated: Sep 7, 2021

Health is more than just the physical. It includes the mental, emotional, spiritual, financial, occupational and relational. We mistakenly view these areas in isolation when they are very much interconnected. Imbalance in one area can create a domino effect that knocks the others out of balance too. Maintaining balance in our health can help prevent the onset of illness. People hear the message about how being off balance in one area can negatively impact other areas, but don't do anything differently. Being proactive about health, as opposed to reactive, can improve the quality of your life. I know what it's like to receive a life changing diagnosis. I don't want a diagnosis of any type to be the wake-up call that forces people to pay attention to their health and wellness practices. However, it doesn't make a difference how much I want good health for others. They have to want it for themselves. Reaching a point of pain forces people to make change. In other words, the pain of staying where you are has to be greater than the perceived pain of moving forward. Take a few minutes to think about the various components of your health. Can you identify areas that are pushing you toward a point of pain?

  • Is coming to grips with financial debt keeping you up at night?

  • Is limited mobility impacting your ability to keep up with the grands?

  • Are high blood pressure numbers moving you toward dietary changes?

Your point of pain has purpose. It exists to move you from where you are to where you want to be. There's no time like today to step outside of your comfort zone. Change surrounds your challenge and brings with it a level of uncertainty. If you need someone to accompany you on your journey to improved health, let's talk.

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