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Converse or Complain

How are you with PMS? No, no. I'm not talking about that PMS. Actually, it would be easier to talk about this syndrome since it happens monthly for a finite period of time. I'm referring to a PMS that requires attention on a daily basis - Personal Mindset Shift.

Let's start the PMS conversation with a focus on complaining. Speaking of conversations, sometimes when we're supposed to be having a conversation, we're really having a complaint fest. I heard a presenter mention this connection and had to stop and think about my conversations. A few days later, I found myself complaining (instead of conversing) about mail delivery.

Complaining isn't a way to solve a problem, but a way to vent when we experience "dissatisfaction, discontentment or annoyance about something." Are there really any benefits when we complain? Quite the opposite is true. The stress caused by complaining can have a lasting and negative impact on the brain which can cause a decline in cognitive function.

Listening to others complain isn't beneficial to your health either. The same stress related issues can occur as negativity seeds are planted, grow and take over. In addition to stress, being on the giving or receiving end of a complaint can negatively impact mood as well as general mental health.

Here's a challenge. For the next 24-hours, notice/try the following:

1 - How many times do you complain?
2 - How many different things do you complain about?
3 - If you verbalize a complaint, can you also verbalize a solution to the issue?
4 - If the person you're with is complaining, how can you handle the situation?
5 - Can you create a "complain free zone" for a specified amount of time?

Mindset is about where you set your mind. As you consider your Personal Mindset Shift (PMS), think about the impact complaining has on your health.

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