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Life’s a Trip

Summer is a great time for a road trip! I absolutely love long distance driving. It's relaxing and helps me think with more clarity. There is something about watching the scenery change that gives me a fresh perspective about life. Life is a road trip. Our focus should be on the journey and not the destination so that we don't miss the beauty of the surrounding landscape. You are behind the "wheel" of your life, especially your health. Where's your focus? The rear view mirror of a car is smaller than the front windshield for a reason - we're not going that way. We couldn't drive safely

if we only looked in the rear view mirror. Everything in front of us would be missed and accidents would occur as a result. This mirror offers a limited view. The rear view mirror represents your past self and the front windshield represents your future self. The past is an undeniable part of who we are today. However, some people spend too much time focusing on their past. As a result, they cannot appreciate the present or get excited about their future. Choose a specific area of your health (physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, financial, occupation, relational). Did you set any goals? How are you feeling about your progress?

Confident - knowing with certainty that you'll get there
Disappointed - you started out strong, but your momentum shifted
Not surprised - you haven't been successful in the past so this is no different

Tomorrow represents a new opportunity to move forward with the next phase of your health journey. Instead of focusing on past disappointments, celebrate today's victories and approach future possibilities with excitement and expectancy.

Imagine what life will look and feel like after you...lose weight...bring your blood pressure numbers down...get off the prescription medications...(fill in the blank). Imagine having increased energy to keep up with your children or grandchildren...better mobility...more joy...better sleep...(you fill in the blank).

Shift your health from the rear view mirror to the front windshield. Focus on your health and do something today that your future will thank you for tomorrow. And, if you need help on your health journey, let's chat!

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