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You have what it takes – let's connect the dots together!

Online Coaching with Nicolle

Hi, I'm Nicolle!

Certified Health Coach & Stress Management Expert

I am a certified health coach, community health worker, and patient advocate. I help women enjoy life more by creating the healthy lifestyle they desire and deserve. I guide clients in the holistic journey of transformational wellness changes – at any stage in life.


What I Specialize In

Stress Management



Personalized Health Goals

Mindfulness Techniques

Cancer Care Support

The journey towards a healthier you begins with the very first step.

Start your journey today!

“I could immediately see that she was a driven individual with a passion for helping others. Nicolle has been truly an inspiration...”

- Dinah S.

“When the most sensitive part of my life journey began, [Nicolle] helped me...I never gave up hope because [she was] on my team.”

- Marie M.

“[Nicolle] not only helped me, but she also inspired me, motivated me and taught me how to produce momentum in my life.”

- Janet S.

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